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For the Worst Fanfics in the Land

Welcome to my first ever web page. Hopefully it doesn't completely suck, I've just been getting the hang of HTML and everything. So, it should be better in the future.

Big changes to my page. I decided to split everything up into separate links. That's coz it took 2 minutes to load my page once, and I'm using a 56K cable modem. Takes even longer for some ppl.

Originally, I might have decided to go to someone else to post my fanfics, but then, maybe not. I mean, how hard can designing your own webpage be? Mwa ha ha! This was way too hard. But at least I don't have to deal with editors, and it beats wandering the countryside carrying a mandolin, begging people to listen to my stories.

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Sailor Moon Terror Really cool song that will stay here until I figure out where else to put it.

I have given up on keeping a tracker. To hell with it. I keep losing the one I have.